Sunday, October 31, 2010


HERM...This idea have currently popped out in mind several times, but thinking that i am alone, is it possible to handle and more and more problems, make me wonder, CAN I?

But in thinking of this, I realize, if we didnt take the first step, when will we arrive to the top?

Then finally, QB will be organizing our first SGM Meeting. And the panning:

Date: 27/11/2010 or 04/12/2010

Time: 10am-12am

Venue: TBA

SGM offer breastfeeding women a place to enjoy the company of other breastfeeding women, realize that their thoughts and concerns are normal and learn more about breastfeeding and mothering. Research has found that mothers with breastfeeding support breastfeed for longer.

Our goal is to share the benefits of breastfeeding and to encourage and support mothers and mothers-to-be to breastfeed their babies. Our members include mothers, fathers, doctors, nurses and anyone who believes that breastfeeding is the best.

So, I welcome anyone, to give ideas/support/comment/contribution...

Pls do email me so that we can work this out together!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Breastfeed Teething Baby

Pagi ni dapat email..pasal teething baby..mesti ramai yg hadapi problem ni kan..ain share soalan n jawapan yg ain bagi kat dia.. (copy n paste dr email )


I've fully breastfeed my baby girl for the past 10 months and became a full time mom since 3 months ago. For the first 7 months I pumped EBM on day time and direct latch on night. Now my baby girl is teething her 3rd and 4th teeth on the top. This made my b/f life so difficult. My left nipple sore- bleed- recover- sore for the past 1 week. I spread my breast milk on the open wound and let it air dry and only b/f other side. My right nipple not bleed but sore badly due to I only feed one side. I try to spoon feed/ bottle feed but my baby refused. She insisted to wait for me come home to drink direct. I tried breast shield and she refuses to latch on but to take that away by her hand.
I do tell her not to bite and suck hardly when she's awake. But I willing to scold her when she's sleeping biting me hard. Please help! My in laws in trying to switch her to formula since I've been screaming over. I normally go for Dr Koe but she's on leave for the whole week. I think my nipple will be gone when I see her 1 week later.

Eve Koh

Jawapan Ain:

Dear Eve,
Breastfeeding a teething baby is possibly one of the greatest worries for breastfeeding
mothers. Perhaps surprisingly, many mums feel pressurised by other people to stop breastfeeding as soon as the first tooth begins to break through, like you MIL did.
People will express dismay, disgust and sheer incredulity if they think a mum will continue to breastfeed a baby with teeth.

Considering many babies get their first tooth somewhere between four and six months the choice to continue breastfeeding should not really be such a big deal.
Of course mums worry that their baby may bite but they can give quite a nip even before teeth appear. You can soon teach your baby to refrain from biting by simply placing a clean finger between the baby's gums and your nipple and saying "No" in a firm voice. The action will break the suction while the firm voice reinforces your message! You can also stop breastfeeding the baby momentarily and if you do this each time he bites he will soon realise that it is not such a good idea!
This is one of my way that I did to Afeef, my son...and personally say, It WORKS!!

Sometimes the bite can take you by surprise and can be uncomfortable but in these instances you may find that you instinctively pull away and baby will learn the same lesson - if he bites he loses his lovely drink!
People may tell you horror stories about breastfeeding babies biting so hard that they drew blood. This is very rare.
Please remember that your baby is not consciously hurting you. Biting helps relieve the pressure on his teething gums and eases the pain a little. Babies will bite and chew at anything they can put to their mouths.Try giving your baby a teething toy or a teething ring which has been stored in the fridge - the cold will help numb the pain. Sometimes a teething gel can help or you can try herbal remedies.
Sometimes breastfeeding babies bite when they are just playing - in the same way that a bottle-fed baby chews and pulls on the teat of the bottle.Your breastfed baby is simply experimenting and learning. He will very soon realise the rule of cause and effect and he will tire of it before too long!
Feel free to get in touch with me again!!

Cheers, and may your breastfeeding journey follows with more experience and unforgetable moments, for you and your child...

-Afeef with Daddy-

Monday, October 18, 2010

Penyusuan di Tempat Awam.. Breastfeeding in Public

Hurm.. Bebaru ni, banyak juga yg menegur..Ada yg suara sumbang, ada yg gelisah, ada yg tengok menjeling..
Almaklumla, putera Ain dah 1 tahun 10 bulan..lagi 2 bulan nak mencecah 2 tahun :)
Budak tu dah la buas..Kejap2, "Ma..nenen..?" huhu..depan orang2 nak? camane?
Tempat crowded, tempat ramai org..Adik2 ku jeling2 dah :p
Mama pon, x kisah la, depan org ke apa ke, bukak aje..On the spot..tu yg sebabkan afeef terlebih2 manja tu, asal minta je dapat kan..? x payah risau2 nak basuh botol, cari air panas, nak bancuh tu la apa2 la.. x pernak experience mende2 yg macam tu.. :) Alhamdulillah...
Baru2 ni masa majlis kenduri arwah tokki, ribakan anak sepupu, sleepy..tetiba alamak, my sister pass kan dia punya bottle..ooppss.. dah rasa pelik nak suapkan anak sepupuku itu dengan plastic bottle...last2 pass balik kat my sister, "Sorry la sayang, ummi Ain x biasa"..

Anyway, berbalik pada topik asal..
Breastfeeding in public tends to be a big problem for most first time mothers. Ye la kan.. xbiasa, nak buat macamana...Semua org ada level sendiri..mana nak sama...x semua mudah nak biasa. tapi bagi ain, alah bisa tegal biasa??(alamak, betul x tu?) Not everyone have an easy feeling when breastfeeding in public. Some mother does not feel comfortable when breastfeeding in public so they choose to give their baby to drink formula milk when they went out for outing. Some mother will pack their expressed milk in cooler bag, whenever they went out and nurse their baby using bottle.
Ain dah start nursed my beloved Afeef in public from the first time that we started going out until now. (22 months old.) Personally, I have never put a blanket over my nursing baby, though some moms are more comfortable doing this. I feel it just draws more attention to the fact that I’m nursing (I know I always notice this when someone else does it). For me a loose blouse, my ‘Tudung’ and also the baby will keep me perfectly covered and modest. Senang kan..Tapi ye la, lagi skali, x smua org sama... sebab apa? ain ni jenis malas2 nak serabut2 kan, dengan Afeef yg extreme buas? huh...
Actually, Ain mmg kena admit that I also fell embarrass the first time I breastfed my son in public. Believe me, nobody will straightly have the guts and great feeling while breastfeeding in public. It needs practice and experience to be comfortable and confident. Luckily, I also have my husband beside me for support.Kalau dia x der, adik2 akan bantu2 untuk cover2.. :p
After that, we started to go to shopping complex eventhough at first I’m very particular on choosing which shopping mall we can go. I will definitely choose to go to shopping complexes that has a breastfeeding room. Later on, the more I go outside, the more I feel more confident and comfortable. Nowadays, I can breastfeed anywhere I go.

For the first timer especially, here are some tips on how to be more confident and comfortable while breastfeed in public.

1.Practice makes perfect.
That’s phrase commonly used to those who wants to succeed. The best place to start is in your own home. First, you need to learn how to breastfeed your baby in discreetly while walking around. Practice in front of the mirror and see how you look while breastfeed. Family members are good “guinea pigs” to practice on when you want to try to breastfeed in public. Always remembers not to breastfeed your baby in the bathroom or storeroom because even you wouldn’t want to eat there right?

2. Get the right outfit for comfortable.
There is no way that you can be able do a breastfeed discreetly if you wear a tight blouse or a dress. If you are going to be a nursing mum, then you should think what is the best outfit you can wear while going out? The easiest solution is to invest in nursing wears. If you have few nursing tops, you can try which style is best for you because nursing wear have different style in openings. Other than that, you can convert your own clothing to be a nursing wear. If you wear a regular outfit, you can lift up your top and once the baby latches on, adjust the cloths to cover as much as possible. Based on my experience, I will convert which ever clothing I have to be like a nursing wear. Of course, not every clothing can be convert to nursing wear. J Other than that, a baby sling is a great accessory for public nursing. With your baby safely in a sling, you can nurse your baby and have your hands free at the same time. The sling can be adjusted to keep you covered and no one will ever suspect that you are nursing your baby.

3. Find a good spot while breastfeeding
If you are in a restaurant, mall, airport or any crowded area, try to find a spot that you can sit so you have a little privacy. A booth is great as long as there is enough room to maneuver a baby. Sit so that you can see what is going on. As for me, I will look for corner space so that I can easily sit and not disturbing other people to walk or doing their business.

4. What should I do if people staring at me?
This situation can really be an uncomfortable. I gave you an example, when you are in university; boys and girls usually flirt around. Let say there was a boy, always staring at you and its freak you out. If you started looking back at him, what will he do? He will definitely turn around right? It’s the same situation here. The best thing to do is to return their gaze without backing down. However, this won’t happen always because nowadays, people are already aware about breastfeeding in public so usually we don’t attract that much attention.

5. Know Your Child.
I think everyone knows how their baby will react while breastfeeding. Some baby prefers to cover their face with clothing so it won’t be much problem for the mum. Some baby however, finds it irritating to have something covering their face or prefers to touch around (meraba-raba). This is usually the main reason why most mums prefer not to breastfeed in public, right? Based on my experience, my son is one from the later scenario. She loves to touch around and finds it irritating if something is covering his face..How do I overcome this situation? I will divert her attention by giving something for her to play. For example, I will let her play with my necklace or some of her toys. Another solution is, just find a breastfeeding room to feed your baby.

6. Be proud of breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding is a noble and honorable thing that we can do for our child. So, be proud when you breastfeed yours.
I hope this tips will help. Sape nak tambah lagi, silakan…

Notes: So if your a breastfeeding mum, please don’t stay at home! Go out, have some fun, and nurse in public. The more mothers nurse in public, the more accepted it will become!!!

Permulaan Detik-Detik

Salam semua,
Menyepi tanpa berita..Selama 3 minggu ini badan semua penat...Nenda tercinta jatuh sakit, tenat, dan akhirnya pulangn ke rahmatullah pada 16 Oktober 2010 @ 0520hrs.
Beliau adalah salah seorg tokoh yang saya amat kagumi, cucu lelaki terakhir Tokku Paloh.

Semangat perjuangan perlu diteruskan!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pentingkah Penyusuan Ibu?

Betapa pentingnya penyusuan susu ibu ini sering dikatakan dalam berbagai surah dalam Al-Quran seperti:

“Para ibu hendaklah menyusukan anak-anaknya selama dua tahun penuh, iaitu bagi yang ingin menyempurnakan penyusuan itu” – surah Al-Baqarah, ayat 233

* Pembatasan masa menyusukan anak dalam 2 tahun tidaklah dinyatakan ketentuan wajib yang mutlak. Tetapi ditujukan kepada ibu2 yang ingin menyempurnakan penyusuan itu. Lantaran ayat diatas, Allah berfirman:

“Apabila keduanya ingin menyapih (memberhentikan penyusuan) sebelum dua tahun dengan kerelaan keduanya dan permesyuaratan, maka tidak ada dosa atas keduanya” – Surah Al-Baqarah, ayat 233

“Dan kami perintahkan kepada manusia (berbuat baik) kepada dua orang ibu bapanya; ibunya telah mengandungnya dalam keadaan lemah yang bertambah-tambah dan menyusukannya dan menyapihnya dalam dua tahun” – Surah Luqman, ayat 14

“Diharamkan atas kamu (mengahwini) ibu-ibumu; anak-anakmu yang perempuan, saudara-saudaramu yang perempuan; saudara-saudara bapamu yang perempuan; saudara-saudara ibumu yang perempuan; anak-anak perempuan dari saudaramu yang laki-laki; ibu-ibu yang menyusukan kamu; saudara perempuan yang sepersusuan” – Surah An-Nisa’, Ayat 23
” Jika mereka menyusukan (anak-anakmu) untukmu, maka berikanlah pada mereka upahnya; dan mesyuaratlah di antara kamu (segala sesuatu dengan baik; dan jika kamu menemui kesulitan, maka perempuan lain boleh menyusukan (anak itu) untuknya” – Surah At-thalaq, ayat 6

“Kami perintahkan kepada manusia supaya berbuat baik kepada kedua ibu bapanya, ibunya mengandungnya dengan susah payah, dan melahirkannya dengan susah payah (pula). Mengandungnya sampai menyapihnya adalah tiga puluh bulan” – Surah Al-Ahqaaf, ayat 15
Antara kupasan ayat-ayat Al-Quran ini adalah:
* Setiap ibu disyorkan menyusui anak mereka secara terus selama 2 tahun jika hendak menyempurnakan penyusuan itu
* Jika terdapat halangan menyusui anak: Ibu sakit, ibu tak boleh menyusukan anak, tiada paksaan dalam melaksanakan dan memberikan hak anak iaitu menyusukan mereka.
* Jangka waktu yang terbaik sebagai pedoman menyusukan anak, sesungguhnya telah ditetapkan oleh Allah swt
* Dibolehkan menyusukan anak kepada ibu yang lain (anak susuan), tetapi haruslah ada mesyuarat di atara semua yang terlibat.
* Hukum ibu susuan dan anak susuan
* Anak susuan adalah anak yang disusukan bwh umur 2 tahun. –>
*** saya dapat soalan, bolehkah suami minum susu isteri dan adakah dikira sebagai anak susuan? Jawapannya tidak Minumlah kalau nak minum, mana tahu susu isteri terlalu banyak dan suami mahu minum. ***
Juga apabila tiba hari kiamat:
“Ingatlah pada hari (ketika) kamu melihat kegoncangan itu, lalailah semua wanita yang menyusukan anaknya dari anak yang disusukannya”- Surah Al Hajj- ayat 2
Selain itu, kisah Nabi Musa a.s, yang mmg sgt2 menyedarkan kita tentang pentingnya setitis susu ibu ini. Saya sgt sebak dan menangis membaca tafsir dari ayat suci ini. Masihkah anda ingat tentang kisah ibu Musa yang merasa khuatir kerana Firaun akan membunuh setiap anak lelaki yang dilahirkan, Maka Allah memerintahkan ibunya menghanyutkan Musa ke sungai. Firman Allah swt:
” Dan Kami ilhamkan kepada ibunya Musa, “Susuilah dia (Musa) dan apabila engkau khuatir terhadapnya maka hanyutkanlah dia ke sungai (Nil). Dan janganlah engkau takut dan jangan (pula) bersedih hati, sesungguhnya Kami akan mengembalikan padamu, dan menjadikannya salah seorang rasul” – Surah Al-Qashash, ayat 7
* Secara saintifiknya hormon Oksitosin yang dirembeskan oleh otak si ibu semasa menyusukan anak akan menenangkan hati si ibu and bring calm to baby as Oksitosin adalah “hormon penenang” atau “hormon kasih sayang”. So, ibu akan rasa tenang dan anaknya juga akan rasa tenang. Jadi, ibu Nabi Musa menghanyutkan anaknya dalam keadaan yang tenang tanpa tangisan si kecil. Jika difikirkan, “Sanggup kita hanyutkan anak ketika saat anak meraung-raung kelaparan dan kesedihan?”
Kemudian Nabi Musa di ambil oleh dayang istana Firaun, dan isteri firaun memujuk Firaun untuk membela Musa kerana baginya Musa penyejuk mata dan hati nya. Maka mereka pun mencari ibu susuan (wet nurse) – waktu itu tiada susu formula- untuk susukan Musa yang masih bayi. Beribu-ribu orang beratur hendak menjadi ibu susuan Musa. Lantas Musa menolak kesemua ibu susuan yang mahu menyusukannya. Kemudian Allah swt berfirman:
” Dan Kami cegah dia (Musa) menyusu kepada perempuan-perempuan yang mahu menyusui(nya) sebelum itu.” – Surah Al-Qashash, ayat 12
* Nabi Musa rejected all the wet nurses kerana dia sudah merasai “the first taste of mother’s milk” – susu ibunya sendiri sehinggalah ibu Nabi Musa datang dan menyimpan rahsia sbg ibu susuan yang ingin menyusukan Musa serta mengasuhnya.
” Maka Kami kembalikan dia (Musa) kepada ibunya, agar senang hatinya dan tidak bersedih hati; dan agar dia mengetahui bahawa janji Allah adalah benar, tetapi kebanyakan mereka tidak mengetahuinya” – Surah Al-Qashash, ayat 13

Disini kata seorang ulama’, kisah di dalam Al-Quran hanya mendatangkan hikmah, pengajaran dan manfaat, namun bagi orang2 yang mahu berfikir dan menggunakan akal mereka utk merealisasikan pada kehidupan di dunia yang realiti. Sungguh saya malu. Mengapa mereka di sana lebih arif daripada kita, sedangkan kitab suci ini telah berabad berkurun lama di bekalkan kepada umat Islam sebagai panduan.
Sungguh, Allah itu Maha Besar. Banyak kelebihan apabila si ibu menyusukan anak. Bukan sebab memberi anak makan semata, namun dari situlah corak proses nurturing bermula. Anak merasai kehangatan tubuh dan air susu si ibu, telinganya mendengar jantung si ibu berdegup, tenang didakap dan kadangkala hiburan dari usikan nakal si ibu terhadap anaknya. Saya rasai semua ini ketika menyusui anak saya, setiap masa, dimana2 tidak kira masa. Anak akan merasa kebahagiaan dan kecintaan seorang ibunya semasa didakap utk disusui. Seorang ulama’ juga pernah berkata, air susu ibu akan mempengaruhi rohani si anak. Ia akan menimbulkan kesan psikologi yang positif dan membentuk peribadi yang kuat di masa dewasanya nanti. Ya Allah, mudah-mudahan anak2ku menjadi anak yang solehah serta mendengar kata.

Mengambil juga kata2 seorang yg sgt sinis terhadap breastfeeding “Menyusahkan je anak asyik nak berdakap. Budak menyusu badan kuat menangis”- saya tak pernah ambil pusing malah bangga kerana sekurang-kurangnya saya tahu, dia tahu, anak yang didakap tau, sayalah org yang paling dicari ketika itu. Sangat tidak wajar jika ibu terganggu yang amat dgn tangisan anak dan terus memberinya susu dgn harapan anak berhenti menangis – supaya anak mereka tidak digelar “anak kuat menangis” atau “anak suka buat perangai” atau “bagus baby saya, x suka nangis, dapat susu sebotol tidur senyap”. Tangisan bayi dalah sihat. setiap kali baby menangis, ianya akan melapangkan rongga dada, perluasan lampung, meningkatkan kemampuan otak, membangkitkan kemahuan, meningkatkan suhu badan serta menambah keberkesanan sistem penghadaman. Pernahkah terfikir mengapa bayi baru lahir “perlu” menangis dan jika tak menangis ia adalah petanda buruk?
Ibu2, Bapa2, marilah kaut ilmu untuk menyusukan zuriat amanah Allah ini. Risau melihat kes2 bunuh, kes2 situ sini sana. Selagi boleh kita berusaha. Mulanya, dari air susu kita. Air susu hikmat yang diberi oleh pencipta kita utk anak-anak. Percayalah, susah kita sekarang (memerah, menyusu, mendidik) ada hikmahnya di masa hadapan.

Semoga kita sama-sama mendapat manfaat. Maafkan atas kekurangan!