Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why Choose MEDELA

Who are Medela

When it comes to high-quality breastfeeding, human lactation research, or phototherapy products, it is hard to ignore the role of Medela. This is the name of quality and the products offered by Medela are loved and liked by moms all over the world.

Breast Pumps

Why choose a Medela Breast Pump

Also, these pumps from Medela are popular due to the enhanced pumping mobility. These electric pumps come with rechargeable batteries and you can easily use them for more than 3 hours for pumping. Another great reason why these pumps are extremely popular is that these are designed to mimic the nursing patter of a baby, which helps extracting more milk in short time. These pumps are light weight and compact, and also come with LCD screens and memory button, which make these pumps even more popular.