Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boycot Nestle's Product

Nestle free zone

As you probably know, I support the boycott of Nestlé products.
According the the World Health Organisation Authority (WHO) 1.5 million babies die every year as a result of inappropriate feeding. Despite this Nestlé continues to push its baby milks in breach of international standards.
Monitoring by groups on the ground around the world shows Nestlé is responsible for more violations than any other company. That's why it is singled out for boycott action.
If you don't boycott Nestlé already, I ask that you consider looking at the evidence and giving up Nestlé products, or at least its principal brand, Nescafé coffee.
The boycott has forced some changes from the company, but it is still a long way from complying. Campaigners are also working for laws. Nestlé can comply when it is given no choice. It is not being asked to do something that is impossible, but without pressure it continues to put its own profits before infant health and mothers' rights.
You can find out more information and look at the evidence yourself on the Baby Milk Action website at:
You can sign up there to support the boycott.
It is important to tell Nestlé you will be boycotting it until it accepts and acts on the plan put to it by boycott groups for saving infant lives.
You can telephone Nestlé on the freephone number0800 00 00 30 or send a message via its website

Monday, October 26, 2009

Kumpulan Sokongan Penyusuan Ibu Beserah Kuantan

Bersama Kumpulan Penyokong Susuan Ibu Beserah Kuantan

Kumpulan ini telah mengadakan mesyuarat agung dan Ain (QasehBonda) dilantik untuk menjadi president.

InsyaAllah, di klinik kesihatan Beserah akan terpampang carta organisasi tersebut.\

Terima kasih pada Sister Lai dan nurse2 yang lain dan Qaseh Bonda amat berbesar hati untuk menjalankan tanggungjawab yang telah diberi.