Tuesday, April 19, 2011

QB new product: Bumble Bee

Sekali lagi Ain sangat2 bersyukur, penambahan satu lagi produk dalam Qaseh Bonda!!
Bumble Bee..Kenapa? Sbb kebanyakan breastpump is Bumble Bee friendly...! So untuk itu, Ain pon men-try jadi Bumble Bee punyer seller lak.. (nak kena tambah duit, yg makin hari makin susut ni )
Selain dr breastmilk bottles, Bumble Bee ni byk product lain..
So nntikan kemunculan produk-produk ini di dalam webpage qasehbonda ye!!
Moga segala usahaku ini, diberkati...Amin...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

CRAZY Mother's Day Sale!

Dear All,
With regard to the above subject, pls be announced that we are having a CRAZY MOTHER'S DAY SALE starting from 1/5/2011-31/5/2011
The sale included 3 BEST SELLER breast pumps unit:

1.  MEDELA HARMONY + CITY STYLE BAG = RM269.00+RM269.00 = RM538.00
     NOW ONLY RM400.00

2. MEDELA SWING + CITY STYLE BAG = RM799.00 + RM269.00 = RM1,068.00
    NOW ONLY RM 700.00

    NOW ONLY RM 1,700.00

Please visit us for more products, with attractive price...
Do not hesitate to get in touch with me for more info & details!

*The price stated is excluding postage fee
**The item is in-stock, the price is valid only from 1/5/2011-31/5/2011

With Lots of Love,
+6017 9000 395

Finest for You and Baby...